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July/Aug 2001

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Public Articles

Has E-sign Murdered the Statute of Frauds?
By Patrick A. Randolph Jr.

Advance Planning and Drafting for Health Care Decisions
By Rebecca C. Morgan and Charles P. Sabatino


Member Articles

   Estate Planning for Pets
By Gerry W. Beyer

   Talking to Employees About ERISA Benefits
By Robert N. Eccles and Gary S. Tell

   A 21st Century Law Office
By Thomas C. Baird

   E-commerce in Real Estate Transactions
By William P. Gardella

   The Effect of the Secondary Market on the Valuation of Life Insurance Contracts
By Neil Alexander and Jon J. Gallo

   Swords to Plowshares: Recycling Cold War Installations
By Randall S. Beach


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