Perspectives: A Magazine for and about Women Lawyers
Perspectives - A Magazine for and About Women LawyersAre Young Women Turning Their Backs on Law School?
Spring 2010
Vol. 18, No. 4
Are Young Women Turning Their Backs on Law School?
by Ann Farmer
Despite a surge in law school applicants during this recession, the number of women applying to law school continues to lag behind men. However, the data show dips and increases, including increases at some schools where women traditionally have not been as prevalent. Admission officers most knowledgeable about the issue highlight ways in which the profession can again encourage women's enrollment, including strengthening the pipeline and focusing on admission practices. ( continue reading)

Recession Places Law School Reform in the Eye of the Storm
by Hannah Hayes
There is a sense among some legal educators that what we are experiencing now is "the perfect storm" that will ultimately lead to drastic changes in legal education. Fueled by the economic downturn that led to salary cuts, forced layoffs, and drove hiring freezes throughout the legal industry, the winds of change are continuing to build. ( continue reading)

Practical Education for Every Stage of Your Career
Stephanie B. Goldberg
Graduation from law school is only the beginning of a lawyer's education. It remains the individual lawyer's responsibility to assess her needs and anticipate the skills she needs to have to advance in the profession. In this spirit, we've identified the key skills to take women lawyers to the next level and some of the best resources for getting them. ( continue reading)

Careers: Law School Placement Offices Broaden Horizons
by Hope Viner Samborn
With campus visits from large law firms waning and a lack of willingness on the part of many employers to post job openings, law school placement offices are creating new opportunities to connect students with lawyers in their communities and beyond. ( continue reading)

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