Summer 2016

Interview with Professor Edward J. Imwinkelried


Interview with Professor Edward J. Imwinkelried

The longtime evidence scholar offers his views on Daubert, electronic evidence, and what the future may hold.

A Section chair's thoughts on how to practice law effectively.

What a nonparty witness recalls can be admitted in evidence at a civil trial in at least half a dozen different ways.

In patent infringement cases, design patents that cover the ornamental design of an article can be more valuable than utility patents covering functional innovations to it.

Readers want to know what a paragraph will deal with as soon as possible. But a lawyer’s stated issue often requires more than a single sentence to be adequately expressed.

A trial in American Somoa offers unusual challenges that start with what to wear.

Nothing this side of the Constitution provokes more instant controversy in the litigation community than the subject of class actions.

If you wish to make a difference, law provides many options.

The attorney-client privilege and the work-product protection are narrower than the duty of confidentiality.


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