Fall 2015, Judgment

Learning Good Judgment


Learning Good Judgment

Here are some guidelines to developing this skill that is crucial to success as a litigator.

Advice derived from 35 years of practice, exclusively as a business litigator.

A judge describes the promise and perils of blogging by judges.

You can take the Internet out of the jury box, but can you remove its effects on the jurors themselves?

We have failed to understand that grammar should be approached not as rules but as tools to help readers read.

Currently, there is no available legal recourse within the existing framework of the United Nations to clear your name from fraudulent allegations.

In its reinforcement of our faith that the law will be upheld, the Hernandez trial gives us some hope that truly moral standards of conduct are not done for yet.

Bad cases never get better, only worse.

Can a lawyer sue a colleague's former client?


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