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Nov/Dec 2014


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Law Practice Magazine Archives


From Workaholism to Work-Life Balance

Change is within reach.
By Bryan J. Dik & Matthew J. Schaap


Rainmakers: Born or Created?

Coaching as a strategy to build rainmaking skills. 
By Jeanne M. Picht & Andrew Elowitt


Life Balance for the Millennial Lawyer

Establishing and implementing a strategic plan to achieve life balance.
By Andy Clark


Get Out of the Office

Maintaining connection and boundaries when working remotely is key. 
By Courtney E. Ward-Reichard


On-the-Job Support for Attorneys With Children

The top 10 things law firm management can do.
By Kara M. Ariail


Life Beyond BigLaw

A conversation about why "SmallerLaw" is a preferred option for some.
By John D. Bowers




Team Leaders: Jeanne Picht & Lance Johnson
Team Members: Courtney Ward-Reichard & Andrew Elowitt




Editor’s Note 

Easing Your Head Out of the Sand
Add some new items to your professional development checklist.
By John D. Bowers



Using Social Media for Client Development
Building relationships through social media.
By Bob Young





Justice Entrepreneurs Bridging the Gap
Finding innovative ways to provide legal services to low-income communities.
By Taylor Hammond


Simple Steps

Developing Daily and Weekly Plans
Accomplishing big-picture goals, one day at a time.
By Allison C. Shields



When Can a Lawyer Cease Representing a Troublesome Client?
The ethics behind ceasing representation.
By Michael Downey


News & Events 

An LP Model of ABA Collaboration and Outreach
Highlighting the Women's Rainmaker Committee. 
By Pamela McDevitt




Product Watch 

What's New at NetDocuments and WordRake, Plus a Bonus Look at Snagit
New features to help with cloud storage, editing and screen captures.
By George E. Leloudis


Hot Buttons 

The Elusive Search for Quality Legal Tech Education
Organize your own Taste of TECHSHOW event.
By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek


Web 2.0 

Supercharging the Humble To-Do List
A look at five task managers.
By Tom Mighell





Change, Uncertainty and Law Firm Management
How to be a leader in tumultuous times. 
By Thomas C. Grella


Career Steps 

Determining Your Boundaries
Making the choice of when and where to be connected.
By Wendy L. Werner



Embracing the Changing Face of PR
Maximizing new PR strategies.
By Micah Buchdahl



Litigation Financing: A Business Development Opportunity
Navigating commercial litigation financing. 
By Charles M. Agee III


Practice Management Advice 

"Hire Slow, Fire Fast," or "Hire Smarter, Fire Less" ?
Improving interviewing and skills for a better hiring process.
By Jim Calloway


Taking the Lead 

Professional Development: Now More Than Ever
Why mentoring associates is beneficial for everyone.
By Linda Klein


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