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Law Practice is dedicated to helping legal professionals master all aspects of the business of practicing law. From theory to practice, we bring readers fresh insights and practical advice on marketing, management, technology and finance and more. Law Practice is published six times a year, and is provided to members of the ABA's Law Practice Management Section as part of Section membership.

Writers Wanted!

Law Practice magazine* covers all aspects of mastering the business of practicing law. We bring readers experienced insight and fresh advice on marketing, management, technology and finance. In general, we prefer articles that are practical in nature to those that have a more theoretical bent. For information about the editorial content of each issue, see About Law Practice Magazine and the magazine’s Editorial Calendar.

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General Guidelines


Articles should be addressed primarily to the needs of practicing lawyers and managing partners, and secondarily to administrators, paralegals and other members of the legal services delivery team.

Article Length

Subject matter will be important in determining length. Articles can vary in length from 1,000 to 3,000 words.


We find the best articles have a narrow and clear focus. An article on personal computers is too broad in scope, while an article on the use of a specific type of software for the law office could fit the bill. An article on the generalities of solo practice is too broad, while an article on marketing techniques for solos could be appropriate.


Writing style should be light and enjoyable. Technical topics should be tailored to general readership. How-to articles and checklists are encouraged. Citations should be incorporated into text, not placed in footnotes or endnotes.

Sidebars and Action Boxes

We encourage short sidebars, with checklists, tips and resources, to accompany features. Please include references to relevant books,Web sites, vendor or product information and other research sources for "action boxes."

Payment for Articles

Law Practice generally does not pay authors for articles.

Complimentary Copies

Each author will receive five complimentary copies of the issue in which the author’s article appears.

Copyright and Author Agreements

Authors will be required to sign an American Bar Association publication agreement granting exclusive first publication rights to the ABA. (See Warranty and Representation.)

Editorial Decisions

Articles are judged by the relevance of the topic, the value of the content and the quality of writing. The Editorial Board strives to present a variety of topics to readers, and so articles may be rejected because of overlap with other articles already accepted. Articles that promote a particular vendor’s product or service are discouraged. The Editorial Board cannot provide authors with the reasons for decisions made by Board members.

Submitting Bylined Articles: How We Handle and Review Manuscripts

Law Practice does accept unsolicited manuscripts, or bylined articles, for review. Please refer to the Editorial Calendar for guidance on the editorial themes of upcoming issues.

All articles should be sent to Queries can be addressed to Editor-in-Chief at

The Editorial Board and the Editors review articles throughout the year (typically every six weeks). Once an article has been reviewed, the author will be notified of the article’s acceptance or rejection, or whether revisions may be needed. Authors will subsequently be notified when their articles are slated for publication in a specific issue of the magazine.

Warranty and Representation

By submission of an article to Law Practice, the author warrants and represents that the author has included no material in the article in violation of any rights or any other person or entity and that the author has disclosed to the Law Practice Editorial Board all relationships with any person or entity producing any product or providing any service referred to in the article.

Authors of accepted articles are asked to sign a Publication Agreement, which includes the author’s warranty that the work is original and does not infringe on the rights of others.

The author is responsible for obtaining permission to use substantial quotations or other material from previously published works in the article. Contact for requirements.

Written permission grants, if necessary, from copyright owners of the material should be submitted with the Publication Agreement.