International Courts

Global Justice at Home and Abroad


Global Justice at Home and Abroad

This issue of "The Judges’ Journal" introduces readers to the various courts and processes related to international tribunals, courts, and arbitration venues. Feature articles explore the challenging work of ensuring that these international courts tie to the rule of law and enforce standards of conduct for judges and lawyers practicing in these courts.

Colonel Linda Strite Murnane, incoming chair of the ABA Judicial Division, first dreamt of working in an international environment when she visited the United Nations as a child. With a decorated military background, Colonel Murnane has combined her international knowledge gained in the service with her legal education. She is a leading expert on international courts, war crimes tribunals, human rights, and various aspects of the military justice system.

Several judicial ethics codes have been developed for international judges over the past two decades. The most recent has separate code sections for “national judges” and “international judges.”


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