Summer 2016: Water and Climate Change

Using It. Drinking It. Trading It. A Primer on H2O

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Using It. Drinking It. Trading It. A Primer on H2O

Water is not only a resource; it is also a commodity. More importantly, it is a consumable commodity. This article explores the ways in which water is bought, sold, imported, and exported into and out of the United States.

More than any other legal specialty, ours, as international lawyers, truly reflects the world around us. The ABA Section of International Law thanks ILN and its readers for working to promote cross-national and cross-continental understanding and justice.

Elected to the “World Court” in September 2010, Judge Joan E. Donoghue has had a distinguished career in public service including as Principal Deputy Legal Adviser and Acting Legal Adviser at the U.S. Department of State.

The U.S. Department of State Legal Adviser’s Office provided insights on the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, during the sixth annual “Live from L” program, sponsored by the ABA Section of International Law and held at George Washington University Law School.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Fourth Plenum termed the country’s legal approach “Socialist Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics.” Whose Rule of Law is the normative Rule of Law? Does the Party’s Western reference signal change?

International institutions, governments, investors, consumers, and civil society organizations are seeking to hold businesses more accountable for human rights practices and other socially responsible activities and sustainable practices.

The Netherlands, Pakistan, and the U.S. were the first three countries to rule climate change, but given the gravity of what is at stake, more litigation is expected. This article analyzes the different cases to date, discusses the possible reasons for the holdings, and the need for a global approach.

In the long-running Texaco/Chevron litigation over contamination in the Lago Agrio oil field, Canada’s Supreme Court has confirmed that foreign judgments can be recognized and enforced in Canada without proof of any connection between Canada and the judgment debtor or the foreign proceedings and without proof that the judgment debtor has any assets in Canada.

The legal tradition embraces categorization, but climate change defies categorization. Global climate change will require an increase in scholarship and resources for practitioners that address relationships among international law, human rights, climate adaptation, and socioecological systems.


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