Fall 2014: LGBT and Gender Discrimination

Male. Female. Other. India Requires Legal Recognition of a Third Gender


Male. Female. Other. India Requires Legal Recognition of a Third Gender

A recent landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India provides for legal recognition of a “third gender” apart from male and female. The judgment upholds the right of transgender persons “to decide their self-identified gender.”

Myanmar is in the early stages of its ambitious evolution, and the country is opening up to foreign investment by risk-tolerant companies. The risk can be managed to allow for transparent operation and generation of revenue. Early movers may benefit most.

This article describes the immigrant investor programs in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong; explains how and why each government has changed its program; and discusses the U.S. EB-5 investor program in light of world trends.

As a lawyer in both Spain and the United States, I have benefited from being able to use appropriate legal terminology in in each jurisdiction. El Derecho en Español is a very comprehensive guide for those needing to use legal Spanish in real legal transactions.

This issue focuses on the important and timely issue of LGBT rights. The authors have all approached the subject with deep appreciation for the basic human rights issues at stake and have helped us towards a richer contemplation of evolving state regulation.

By urging repeal of discriminatory laws and practices, by supporting human rights advocates, and by supporting the promotion of LGBT rights through diplomatic channels, Resolution 114B will help LGBT persons around the world.


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