March 2017

TAPAs: The Perfect Date: Calendaring Tips and Tools

Featured Article

TAPAs: The Perfect Date: Calendaring Tips and Tools

Technology news and tips to help you become more efficient and effective. In this month’s column: tips to help you manage your calendar and avoid the far-too-common mistakes that lead to malpractice claims.

How have state legalization efforts impacted the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board’s attitude toward granting protection for cannabis-related trademarks?

How do you clearly define the blurred line between legitimate security suspicions and unlawful discrimination in the airline context? And how does bias—implicit or explicit—weigh into the equation?

This article addresses compliance with legal and accreditation requirements that apply to hospitals, health plans, and medical providers treating or covering transgender patients.

I got involved in the campaign to provide legal representation to unaccompanied immigrant children from Central America--and it changed my life.

How do you handle the challenges you face each day in your law practice? Do you look for lessons and success after the fact? How you answer this question could hold the keys to your success.

This is the first in a series of three articles on crisis communications for small firms and solo practitioners. This installment offers advice on how to protect against damage to your firm’s reputation.

The authors, who have experienced both good and bad in co-venturing cases with fellow solos and small firm lawyers, offer tips to help make co-venturing work for you.


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