October 2016

The Strategic Networker

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The Strategic Networker

Building and implementing a strategic networking system will improve a firm's bottom line.

Technology news and tips to help you become more efficient and effective. In this month’s column: one of the hardest aspects of running a law practice -- billing.

When your job requires you to spend much of your time drafting and reviewing documents, it can be a difficult task to find ways to avoid sitting for hours at a time while still maintaining an ergonomic workspace.

A basic goal of discovery is to avoid surprise and ambush at trial. Nevertheless, there is much more that can be accomplished in a discovery plan.

Before we get too far, it would be best to describe what I mean by a real estate lawyer and a transactional practitioner.

As a conflict resolution tool, mediation serves a number of purposes, including providing parties the opportunity “to define and clarify issues, understand different perspectives, identify interests, explore and assess possible solutions, and reach mutually satisfactory agreements, when desired.”

Once the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in United States v. Windsor the world changed for same-sex married couples under federal law.


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