July 2016

The Quirky Lawyer: Understanding the Genius of Personality Type, Part 4

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The Quirky Lawyer: Understanding the Genius of Personality Type, Part 4

This article is the last of four installments designed to provide insight into how understanding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® enables attorneys to become more effective in managing their career, relating to clients, and overseeing their office.

Whether you are a small firm expanding to another geographic location, or a solo attorney who needs better flexibility to work from home, there may come a time in your practice when you will need to connect and communicate between multiple office locations.

Technology news and tips to help you become more efficient and effective. This month’s column will look at some tips to protect yourself, your firm's assets, and your own assets.

Under Ohio law, an analysis of liquidated damages provisions centers squarely on whether or not the stipulated sum is an unenforceable penalty or an enforceable liquidated damages provision.

Last month’s eReport featured a discussion of why disability insurance is so important for solo and small firm attorneys. In Part 2 in the series, we discuss the kinds of coverage available and some specific provisions that can make a big difference if you become disabled for a significant period of time.

Field examinations are normally initiated by a telephone call or letter from a revenue agent.

Several federal Laws affect real estate closings.

Every product liability attorney will find The Product Liability Desk Reference: A Fifty State Compendium an instrumental resource to enhance the efficiency of their practice.


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