July/August 2016: Estate Planning

Your First Meeting with an Estate Planning Client

Cover Story

Your First Meeting with an Estate Planning Client

Learning about a new client’s wishes and goals is the key objective of the initial consultation.

State statutes make it difficult for unscrupulous caregivers to extract gifts from dependent adults.

The Supreme Court made clear that estoppel qualifies as “appropriate equitable relief” under ERISA.

Is the discretion to set rates limited to factors specifically enumerated in the policy?

After a creative person dies, a “creative executor” can step into the decedent’s shoes to oversee the intellectual property and ensure a lucrative posthumous career.

When it comes to cancellation of debt, there may be a number of exceptions from the tax code and common law.

One of the best ways to succeed in estate planning is the thorough, ongoing understanding of your clients.

Those of us who believe in and support net neutrality can celebrate an important victory.

Don’t put off acquiring new technology if it might help now. But be judicious.

Check out these ABA books and web resources in estate planning.

This year we found that hard work toward positive goals, whether those goals be aspirational, personal, or professional, does not need to be tedious and uninspiring.

As we head into the 2016–2017 Bar Year, the Division looks to continue to grow and move forward.

GPSolo proposes a new Mission/Vision Statement; a look ahead at the 2016 Solo & Small Firm Summit; GPSolo magazine honored.


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