March/April 2015: Health Care

How to Advise Your Physician Clients under the Affordable Care Act

Cover Story

How to Advise Your Physician Clients under the Affordable Care Act

Attorneys are helping their physician clients navigate the rapidly changing health care environment under the ACA.

The managed care industry has begun gearing up for increased litigation resulting from the ACA.

Biomarkers may soon be used by plaintiffs and defendants to prove or disprove injury and causation.

How does one compare the worth of a life saved with the value of avoiding various harms?

Legalized marijuana has opened a Pandora’s box for landlords and real estate lenders.

Learn about the latest in wearable technology that can help you track your health and fitness on the road and at home.

Technology can make the process of improving your health consistent, productive, and easy to do.

Learn how to navigate the complex new health insurance landscape—and how to get the most from the insurance coverage you choose.

Don’t let failure stop you in your tracks. See it as a moment of opportunity.

Check out these ABA books and web resources for advice on health care law.

Hard work toward positive goals does not need to be tedious and uninspiring.

Learn more about these upcoming GPSolo Division events.


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