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Volume 31, No. 4—Spring 2009

Working with Your Forensic Accountant

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This issue of Family Advocate is devoted primarily to accounting issues that may arise in a family-law case. To read articles, click on the links below.

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Discovery—Not a Job for Christopher Columbus
by Donald A. Glenn

Show Me the Money: Defining Income in Marital Dissolutions
by Ronald L. Seigneur & Kevin R. Yeanoplos

The Double-Dipping Arguments
by Donald J. DeGrazia & Stacy Preston Collins

Think Like a Thief: Using Tax Returns to Find Hidden Assets
by William B. Stewart, Jr. & Alison D. Gilmartin

Follow the Money: The Lifestyle Analysis
by Miles Mason, Sr. & Sandy Klevan

Taking the Entity's Temperature: What Financial Statements Can Tell about an Enterprise
by Brenda M. Clarke

Cracking the Code: Understanding the Report
by Michelle F. Gallagher

The Direct Examination of a Forensic Accountant
by Bruce A. Christensen

Achieving Long-Term Fiscal Fitness through the Divorce Settlement
by Jerry L. Love

Books & More
Working with Your Accountant: A Bibliography

Bonus Article for Clients
Staying In Step with Your Accountant
by Robert Poirer

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Chair's Column
by Anita M. Ventrelli

From the Editor
by Willard H. DaSilva

Tools of the Trade
The Top 12 Ways to Cut Costs and Survive the Downturn
by Lee S. Rosen

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