States Differ on Relocation
A panorama of expanding case law
by Linda D. Elrod
Advocate cover

Volume 28, No. 4 (Spring 2006)


A Delicate Balance of Competing Interests


State Statutes on Relocation Chart

Evaluating the Relocation Case

by Linda Lea M. Viken

Domestic Violence - The Tipping Point

Helping courts discern obstacles to access from a desperate need for safety
by Maureen McKnight & Rob (Roberta) Valente

Making the "Must Move" Case at Trial

by Jacqueline M. Valdespino

A Child Removal Checklist

by Charles C. Abut

A Moving Case for Staying Put

Opposing relocation at trial
by David N. Hofstein, Ellen Goldberg Weiner & Scott J.G. Finger

Mediate the Move

Quelling clients' fears and clarifying options
by Carol Gersten

What a Move May Mean for the Child

How to minimize the risk of loss
by Samuel Roll & Candace Kern

Children Tell a Moving Tale

by Mary Johana McCurley

When the Question Involves an International Move

by Lawrence Katz

Child Custody Bonds

by L. Samir Jallad