States Differ on Relocation
A panorama of expanding case law
by Linda D. Elrod
Advocate cover

Volume 28, No. 4 (Spring 2006)


A Delicate Balance of Competing Interests


State Statutes on Relocation Chart

Evaluating the Relocation Case
by Linda Lea M. Viken

Domestic Violence - The Tipping Point
Helping courts discern obstacles to access from a desperate need for safety
by Maureen McKnight & Rob (Roberta) Valente

Making the "Must Move" Case at Trial
by Jacqueline M. Valdespino

A Child Removal Checklist
by Charles C. Abut

A Moving Case for Staying Put
Opposing relocation at trial
by David N. Hofstein, Ellen Goldberg Weiner & Scott J.G. Finger

Mediate the Move
Quelling clients' fears and clarifying options
by Carol Gersten

What a Move May Mean for the Child
How to minimize the risk of loss
by Samuel Roll & Candace Kern

Children Tell a Moving Tale
by Mary Johana McCurley

When the Question Involves an International Move
by Lawrence Katz

Child Custody Bonds
by L. Samir Jallad


Chair's Column
New Standards, New Initiatives, New Section Director
by Howard I. Lipsey

From the Editor
The Relocation conundrum
by Willard H. DaSilva

Fast Forward
Effective Family Law Appeals
by Samuel V. Schoonmaker IV & Kenneth J. Bartschi

Tools of the Trade
Long-Distance Parenting Tools
by Stephen J. Harhai

Issue Editors

Ann M. Haralambie
Jacqueline M. Valdespino