Volume 36, No. 2--Fall 2013

Litigating in Lean Times

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Family Advocate cover, Litigating in Lean TimesThis issue of Family Advocate addresses the struggles all family lawyers face when the financial resources are not there to appraise every asset; hire an expert on every issue; or deal with a lawyer, rather than an unrepresented party, on the other side. Discover creative approaches to help the client get the biggest bang for the buck! 

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Conducting Discovery in Lean Case & Times
by Jonathan Shimberg

Approaching Your Case Against the Pro Se Litigant
by Yolanda Sonnier

Get Clients Actively Engaged in Cost Containment
By Focusing Their Efforts on Fact Gathering and the Future
by Thad F. Woody

How to Help Your Client Gain Language Access in Family Court
by Anisa Rahim & Monica C. Gural

Evidence Without Experts: Property Issues
by Cindy Perusse

Establishing Earnings Potential & Employability Without an Expert
by Thomas C. Ries & Kathryn E. Hummel

Evidence Without Expensive Experts: Custody
by Jill Seaman Plancher

Cost-Effective Presentation of Testimony

by Margaret E. Walker

Dispute Resolution Processes in Limited Finance Cases
by Nancy Chausow Shafer

High-Tech Cures for the Low-Budget Case
by Jennifer J. Riley

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