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Final Report Published by the Section Task Force on Mediator Credentialing

In October 2011, the Section Council appointed a Task Force to recommend whether the Section should adopt a policy on mediator credentialing. The Task Force concluded that the Section should not support creating a single nationwide credentialing system because there is a lack of consensus at this time about the attributes of the mediation process or a process for determining competency. However, the Task Force recommended that the Section should support local initiatives and innovations in mediator credentialing provided they meet six guidelines for what an effective credentialing program should include:

1.         Clearly define the skills, knowledge and values that credentialed persons must possess.

2.         Ensure candidates have training adequate to install those skills, knowledge and values.

3.         Be administered by an organization distinct from the organization that trains the candidate.

4.         Have an assessment process capable of consistently determining whether candidates possess the defined skills, knowledge and values.

5.         Explain clearly to persons likely to rely on its credential what is being certified.

6.         Provide an accessible, transparent system to handle complaints against credentialed mediators, including de-credentialing mediators who fail to comply with the standards.

The Task Force expressed that Section should not support credentialing systems that operate as mandatory licensing programs, programs that bar non-lawyers from becoming credentialed, or programs that bar disputants from selecting a non-credentialed mediator.

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