BLT: February 2014

Our Mini-Theme: Captive Insurance

Our Mini-Theme

Our Mini-Theme: Captive Insurance

In December 2013, the SEC Division of Corporation Finance issued new guidance regarding the “bad actor” disqualification provisions of Rules 506(d) and 506(e) through an update to its Securities Act Rules Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations. This article summarizes some of the more significant of these new interpretations.

Recently decided cases suggest that short, forward-looking elements of the MAE definition in merger agreements merit more attention by deal practitioners.

President George W. Bush named Harvey Pitt as the 26th Chairman of the SEC. Pitt guided the agency amidst the 9/11 tragedy, through the WorldCom and Enron controversies, as well as through the implementation of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002. His remarks presented at the 2014 Midwinter Leadership Meeting on January 18, 2014, are included in this article.

January and early February saw four great committee meetings: the Consumer Financial Services Committee’s 2014 Winter Meeting, the Cyberspace Law Committee’s Cyberspace Law Institute and Winter Working Meeting, the Derivatives & Futures Law Committee’s Winter Meeting, and the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee’s 2014 Stand Alone Meeting. The meetings provided high-quality CLEs, fantastic round tables, productive subcommittee and task force meetings, and lots of camaraderie.



Question: Prior to 1990, only two states in the United States had enacted legislation allowing for the formation of limited liability companies. Can you name those two states?

The mini-theme of next month’s Business Law Today will be Business and Corporate Litigation, covering such topics  as conducting business with tribes in the aftermath of the Dollar General Supreme Court split;  the Defend Trade Secrets Act; authenticating digital evidence at trial, and more. Other features will include taxes on legal settlements, offer and sales of securities and exemptions, and highlights from the Section’s Spring Meeting in New Orleans.

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Business Law Section Spring Meeting
April 6-8, 2017
New Orleans, LA

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