September-October 2016

What do law students need in order to ‘fly’? And how can bar associations help?


What do law students need in order to ‘fly’? And how can bar associations help?

We've heard that today's law students need to be practice ready … but what does that mean? And is there a role for bar associations in helping tomorrow's new lawyers before the JD?

What do law students want from your bar association? Surprise: It's not necessarily free programming! So, what will catch their attention and show them the value of membership? Two recent law school grads--and bar leaders--share their ideas.

Earlier this year, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs released a landmark study on alcohol and substance abuse, depression and anxiety, and related issues within the legal profession. At their 2016 Annual Meeting, both NCBP and NABE held programs to explore the study--and the serious problems it exposed.

Do you want to make sure your bar association is inclusive toward members, employees, and others who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning? It starts with a few simple steps, such as learning about recent advances in the law and making sure you're using current terminology. At its 2016 Annual Meeting, NABE brought in an expert to help its members do just that.

Has anyone ever asked you, "So … What does your bar organization do?" And then you find yourself stumbling and fumbling through an answer? If so, then check out these great tips that were shared by a branding and marketing expert at NCBF's 2016 Annual Meeting.

Lately, it seems as if every day brings news of another retirement by a long-time executive director. How can the ED and the bar association make sure this big transition is as smooth--and productive--as possible? A panel at NABE's 2016 Annual Meeting offered firsthand knowledge and advice.


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