Notices of Change of Affiliation

Every state bar requires that you notify it when you change your address and/or your firm affiliation. So does every Court to which you are admitted. Finally, every bar association with which you have an affiliation wants to be able to keep in touch with you.

Importantly for you, each individual bar association or organization to which you belong has different member benefits. While we hope you turn to the ABA and to the American Bar Endowment (“ABE”) first to see if our member benefits can satisfy your new practice’s wants and needs, don’t overlook those of local and state bar organizations to which you belong.

Importance of This Topic in Going Solo:

Ranging from the essential (i.e., you’re in violation of state bar and court rules if you don’t comply and that could mean a suspension of your ability to practice) to practical and plain old sensible. Assume that you MUST notify every state bar organization and then perform a mail merge to notify those less critical but beneficial organizations.