Volume 18, Number 1
January/February 2001


From the Editor

Jennifer J. Rose
Serving Tomorrow's Client Today.

The Chair's Corner

Wynn A. Gunderson
Correcting Flawed Election Procedures.

In the Solution

Michael J. Sweeney
A Return to Counselor.

The Business of Law®

Edward Poll
Six Things That Drive Clients Crazy.


Just the Facts: What Demographics Tell Us about the Future of Our Profession and Our Clients

Annemarie Micklo
Keep in step with the projected changes to your client base.

Clients of Today...and Tomorrow

Patrick G. Goetzinger
Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers.

Multidisciplinary Practice: Our Profession Is Not for Sale

Robert L. Ostertag
With MDP, the Big 5 accounting firms are looking out for their own interests, not those of lawyers or clients.

Multidisciplinary Practice: The Debate Continues

Florencio "Larry" Ramirez
The legal profession’s "core values" will not be compromised by MDP.

Hot Niches: Bankruptcy, Immigration Law, Business Law, Estate Planning, and Family Law
An ensemble piece—five authors describe hot button topics, billing practices, staffing needs, and marketing for success in these areas of law.

Using Internet-Based Technologies to Attract, Retain, and Service Clients

Sandra S. McQuain and Gregory H. Siskind
Everything from marketing, to client communication, routine tasks like faxing and scheduling, accounting, document management, and research can be handled in a Web-based environment.

One Firm Shows How It’s Done

Ethical Use of Emerging Technologies in Law Practice

Elliot Eder
It’s not easy to evaluate which new technology tools are useful and how to use them ethically. The best strategy is to be flexible, apply common sense, and be responsive to client needs and practice demands.

Corporate Counsel: The Practice Setting For You?

Janet B. Wright
Free from concerns about billable hours and rainmaking, in-house counsel work closely with other professionals in the corporation on a variety of projects.

Women as Corporate Counsel

The Language of Change

Jerry Lawson
Find yourself embarrassed by a lack of familiarity with the latest technology jargon? This sampler of significant new Internet developments can help.

Exercising Stock Options: What You (and Your Clients) Need to Know Before Joining the Dot.Com World

Robert W. Wood
Numerous and complex tax provisions govern stock options. Find out how nonqualified stock options and incentive stock options work and how to exercise them properly.

Resource Roundup

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