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Author, lawyer, ‘Amazing Race’ participant finds life balance with jiu jitsu

Author, lawyer, ‘Amazing Race’ participant finds life balance with jiu jitsu

By John Glynn

CHICAGO, Oct. 28, 2013 — A new book from the American Bar Association by former lawyer Ryan Danz explores how rigorous training in the Brazilian martial arts discipline of jiu jitsu can improve life balance and help lawyers and others connect with their inner selves.

Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence” will help lawyers find purpose outside of the office and beyond the courtroom as well as introduce others to what Danz calls the “gentle art.” A martial art, combat sport and a self-defense system, Brazilian jiu jitsu focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting and has become known for offering a rigorous workout and a way to direct one’s life.

The book is the first of its kind to examine jiu jitsu within the context of the legal profession. Danz recounts his own life story and how the Brazilian program transformed his way of thinking from a lawyer’s mind to a jiu jitsu mind that includes historical context, culture, diet and stronger self-esteem. “Jiu jitsu forces our minds to work in ways that they never had before, especially in law,” Danz writes. “The jiu jitsu mind does not create toxicity as the defense counsel did with the new associate. … What is frustration and contempt in law becomes desire and yearning in jiu jitsu.”

Since graduating from law school in 2004, Danz has scored among the winners in international Brazilian jiu jitsu competition. Professionally, he has served as in-house counsel at a New York City-based hedge fund and opened his own financial services company that handles more than $6.5 billion in assets under management. He also has reached the final four of the TV show “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” and raced around the world on another reality television show, “The Amazing Race.” He lives in Cardiff, Calif.

“Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence” is available in hard-cover and soft-cover editions. For a limited time, hard-cover editions will be autographed by the author.

Title:                  “Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence’’
Publisher:          ABA Publishing
Pages:               226
Product Code:   1620541 (paperback), 1620541HRD (hard-cover edition)
ISBN:                 Paperback: 978-1-61438-889-0, Hard cover: 978-1-61438-890-6
Size:                  8 x 10
Binding:             Soft-cover and hard-cover editions available
Price:                 $29.95 (paperback), $49.95 (hard-cover edition)
Orders:              Order the book at or call 800-285-2221.

Editor’s note: Author interviews and review copies are available by sending an email to Neal Cox at If you publish a review of this book, please send tear sheets or a copy for our files to Neal Cox c/o ABA Publishing, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654.

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