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ABA Experts are Available to Discuss ‘Sequester’ Consequences

ABA Experts are Available to Discuss ‘Sequester’ Consequences

By Daniel Buchanan

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 27, 2013 – The American Bar Association has experts available to speak with members of the media about the impending “sequester,” which refers to mass automatic cuts to the government’s budget, if an agreement is not reached between the president and Congress on a deficit reduction plan.  

The experts include a former deputy general counsel at the Office of Management and Budget who has 35 years of experience in regulatory affairs. Another expert advises senior executives and boards on matters involving corporate governance and served more than 15 years as a chief legal officer at an investment company. A third advises executives, boards of directors and others on domestic governance and is a professor at a Minnesota university.

Please contact Rabiah Burks at 202-662-1002 or at for more information about the experts available to the media.

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