Retirement and Insurance for Members in the American Bar Association

Retirement and Insurance for Members in the American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is committed to supporting lawyers, including their financial security.  Through insurance and retirement solutions, we help lawyers and students feel secure so they can continue their support for justice and liberty.

Retirement plans for lawyers
Insurance for lawyers
Insurance for students


Unique Retirement Plans for Law Firms

The ABA Retirement Funds Program (the "Program") provides affordable 401(k) plans with no out-of-pocket expenses exclusively to law firms of all sizes, even solos. The Program leverages the size of the ABA membership to unite nearly 3,700 law firm retirement plans and more than $5 billion in assets to bring you a comprehensive retirement plan with features and benefits typically found only with the largest of Corporate retirement plans.

Securities offered through ING Financial Advisers, LLC (Member SIPC). ING Financial Advisers, LLC and the American Bar Association are separate, unaffiliated companies and not responsible for one another's products and services.

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Insurance for Lawyers
Since 1955, the American Bar Endowment (ABE) has sponsored quality, affordable insurance offered exclusively to ABA members.  The ABE is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that uses insurance dividends contributed by ABA members to make annual grants to the American Bar Foundation (ABF) and the ABA’s Fund for Justice and Education (FJE) to support over 200 law-related research, public  service and educational projects. (The group insurance plans do not guarantee future dividends.)  In 1988, American Bar Insurance Plans Consultants, Inc. (ABI) was established to generate an additional source of revenue to support ABE’s charitable goals. ABI sponsors plans for ABA members that the ABE is unable to offer due to its charitable status and dividend contribution structure.

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Insurance for Students
The ABA is looking out for the health of future lawyers and legal professionals. UnitedHealthcare Student Resources offers injury and sickness coverage during law school and for up to one year after graduation. Spouses, domestic partners, and children are eligible too.

Included with every ABA student health insurance policy is the UnitedHealth Allies® discount program which provides up to 50% savings a variety of healthcare services and products including dental, vision and wellness. Enjoy additional savings on massage therapy, sports apparel & equipment, fitness club membership and even textbooks. The discount card is accepted at thousands of locations nationwide.

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