Law Student Benefits of Membership in the American Bar Association

Student membership in the American Bar Association connects you to practicing lawyers across the nation!

With nearly 400,000 members, the ABA is the largest association for lawyers that you can be a part of as a law student and by becoming a member you gain access to involvement with ABA sections, forums, and groups all specializing in targeted areas of the law. 

Savvy student members attend ABA meetings, listen to monthly high quality legal career training, and take advantage of a wide array of benefits available to them. 

The ABA has such a vast body of legal knowledge that it can help you to test the waters before graduation in certain areas of practice, add to your legal education, help you to gain legal experience as a volunteer and provide you with opportunities to network with attorneys from where you want to practice.

Take advantage of everything the ABA has to offer, for Free! Join now.

5 top ways to make the most out of your student ABA membership:

1) Gain practical experience.

  • Enter student skill competitions.  Competitions offer students a forum to develop the very skills they will use as practitioners, and a chance to meet and network with future colleagues from around the nation.

2) Explore a variety of career paths.

  • Join one of the over 30 ABA sections, divisions or forums in the area of practice that interests you.  More than 21 are FREE!
  • Learn from practicing attorneys in an area of practice.

3) Improve your job prospects.

4)  Stay up-to-date on what’s noteworthy in the legal profession.

  • Read your hard-copy or online version of the Student Lawyer magazine and the ABA Journal that comes free with membership.  It is the most widely read legal magazine in the country.  New apps now available for both!

5)  Use discounts lawyer members also receive.