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In life, accidents happen. Protect your life, health, firm and income with coverage from American Bar Insurance providers.

ABA members also save up to 10% on pet insurance! Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers affordable plans that cover injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions and emergency care. 

And, ABI now offers digital protection through MetLife Defender. Protect your personal information from the kind of breaches that have been in the media over the past year. With MetLife Defender, get comprehensive protection against risks to your personal, financial and medical data. ABA members get a free 30-Day trial!

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Special offer:

Protect yourself from cyber crime with Aon CyberBusinessPro™. Brought to you by American Bar Insurance, Aon CyberBusinessPro™ is available for law firms with up to $2.5 million in annual revenue and up to 10 employees.

Aon CyberBusinessPro offers three important areas of protection: risk management tools to help mitigate losses, cyber liability coverage to help protect you from litigation, and remediation benefits to help you respond to an incident.

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