Wills for Heroes

Public Service Project 2007-2008:

This year, the ABA YLD is partnering with the Wills for Heroes Foundation, a not-for-profit organization providing basic estate planning services to emergency first responders free of charge.

How it Works
Generally, emergency first responders complete an estate planning questionnaire prior to arriving at a Wills for Heroes event. Once onsite, participants are assigned to a volunteer attorney licensed in that state who examines the questionnaire and inputs the information into a laptop preloaded with the appropriate software. The result includes a basic will, formally signed and finalized by a notary, before the participant leaves the site. All services are provided free of charge.

How You Can Help

  • Devise a template:
    We are seeking estates and trusts attorneys in unlisted states to devise the template.
  • Implement the program:
    We are seeking bar associations and firms interested in implementing the program.
  • Invite us to assist:
    We are seeking first responder groups interested in bringing the program to their department.
  • If you have any questions, please contact

The ABA YLD is enthusiastic to help its Affiliates host Wills for Heroes events locally and can help your organization implement the Wills for Heroes program. The Wills for Heroes Foundation will work with you to locate a first responder department and ABA YLD will assist you in developing the necessary templates if they are not already available in your area. The program is an excellent opportunity for attorneys to apply their legal skills and for the organization to give back to the community.

Document templates are already available in the following areas: Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.


Informational Flyer

" Giving Back To First Responders "
by Dan McKenna
from the September 2007 issue of The Young Lawyer
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  • San Francisco, CA
    August 11, 2007

  • Charlotte, NC
    October 6, 2007

  • Los Angeles, CA

    February 9, 2008

  • Washington, DC

    April 19, 2008

  • New York, NY

    August 9, 2008