Awards of Achievement Program

The Awards of Achievement nomination process is now open!

About the Program:

The American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division (ABA YLD) presents the annual Awards of Achievement Program. This program is an opportunity for state and local young lawyer organizations Affiliated with the ABA Young Lawyers Division to submit their best projects for evaluation and recognition by a jury of their peers. It is designed to encourage project development by recognizing the time, effort, and skills expended by young lawyer organizations in implementing public service and bar service projects in their communities. Additional recognition is given to minority attorney involvement projects and Affiliate newsletter programs. The information acquired is ultimately disseminated throughout the Affiliate network, the national conferences, The Affiliate blog, and general YLD clearinghouse activities.

Submission Deadline:

The 2016-2017 deadline to submit your projects is March 15.  All submissions must be postmarked by this date.


Any ABA YLD Young Lawyer Affiliated Organization affiliated under Articles 3.1 (a) or 3.1 (b) of the ABA YLD Bylaws is eligible. For more information on Affiliate eligibility, see the ABA YLD Bylaws.

General Rules:

In completing your submission(s), be sure to read the General Rules and instructions (located on the right) carefully. If you have any questions about the rules, please contact Keith Del Prete, 2016-2017 Awards and Subgrants Team Chief Judge. You may also contact Alia S. Graham, ABA YLD Program Associate for additional information.

Submission Process:

In completing your submission(s), be sure to read the General Rules and intructions (located on the right) carefully.

Affiliates may submit only one (1) project in each of the following categories: Single Project/Service to the Public; Single Project/Service to the Bar; Diversity and Newsletter projects for a maximum of four (4) submissions excluding the comprehensive category.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in disqualification from consideration.

Projects contained within your Comprehensive submission must be submitted separately for consideration in the Single Project, Diversity, or Newsletter categories. 

Exhibits will only be accepted via Flash Drive.  You may include the exhibits for each of your projects on one flash drive however no more than one flash drive per project may be submitted. Flash Drives will not be returned.  See Section VII of the General Rules for additional rules and requirements. The AOA submission forms (Cover sheet and Program Information form) must be completed online.

Please remember to print your nomination forms before submitting.

*Exhibits should be mailed to:
Alia S. Graham, Program Associate
American Bar Association/Young Lawyers Division
321 N. Clark, 18th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60654

*Please include a hard copy memo with your name, contact information and names of the projects included on your flash drive with your mailing.

Categories & Submission Forms

1. COVER SHEET – One cover sheet should be submitted for each category for a maximum of five cover sheets.

2. Single Project/SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC – This submission should highlight the most successful public service project conducted during the last concluded activity year.

3. Single Project/SERVICE TO THE BAR – This submission should highlight the most successful professional service project it conducted during the last concluded activity year.

4. Single Project/DIVERSITY – This submission should highlight the most successful project conducted during the last concluded activity year that assisted minority lawyers in their career development or increased their level of involvement in the bar.

5. COMPREHENSIVE updated as of 5.23.16 – This submission should highlight the broad range of programming conducted during the last activity year. Competition is based on the totality of programs.

6. NEWSLETTER – This submission should highlight the role of an Affiliate newsletter in achieving its overall goals and objectives.

Selection Process:

The Judges are recruited by the Affiliates Director through a targeted mailing. No judge will participate in the evaluation of an application from his/her own state.-Rounded or Balanced Nature of Overall Bar Program(s).  Judges consider the following criteria:

  • Degree of Change or Growth
  • Achievement of Goals/Impact
  • Degree of Participation by Members
  • Originality
  • Compliance with these Rules

Winners of the program will be announced during the YLD Assembly at the ABA Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients:

2015-2016 Recipients
2014-2015 Recipients
2013-2014 Recipients
2012-2013 Recipients
2011-2012 Recipients
2010-2011 Recipients
2009-2010 Recipients
2008-2009 Recipients
2007-2008 Recipients


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