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SCOLANS Liaisons with other ABA Committees:

Association of Former Intelligence Oficers

White House Cybersecurity Legislative Proposal, May 2011

Academic Programs

Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia School of Law

University of Virginia Professors and former Committee Chairs John Norton Moore and Robert F. Turner are editors of the second edition of National Security Law, a new textbook published by Carolina Academic Press. The new textbook incudes contributions by more than two dozen experts in law and national security, including former directors and legal advisors to U.S. national security-related agencies and distinguished professors. The textbook may be ordered by phone at 800-459-7486 or at a discount online at

Duke Center on Law, Ethics and National Security

Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law -

This link provides information on hundreds of national security-related organizations, and provides copies of prior issues of National Security Law Report. This website is maintained by the National Security Forum, an organization located at Catholic University.

Homeland Security Masters Programs


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Operation Iraqi Freedom

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The lead DOD site for public information on the Iraq war.
L.T. Smash: Live From The Sandbox
This blog is purported to be from an in theatre sailor.
News Specials
Here are Iraq war sites from a variety of newspapers and news channels: Washington Post, the White House's Iraq: Denial and Deception, The Times of London, New York Times, Fox's War on Terror, U.S. News & World Report, National Geographic, CNN's War on Iraq, the Pentagon's News Photos, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal.
Think Tank Iraq war Sites
Here are various Iraq war sites from several think tanks and special interest groups: Heritage Foundation's Iraq War Room, Cato,'s Southwest Asia site (including the current U.S. Order of Battle), Center For Strategic & International Studies, the Council on Foreign Relations' Iraq Resource Center and the Brookings Institution.
Maps and Satellite Imagery
Finally, here are a number of maps and satellite images: National Imagery and Mapping Agency's Special Reference Graphics, Terra Server's image of Bagdad, National Geographic's maps of Iraq and downtown Bagdad, Congressional Research Service's set of Iraq maps, Library of Congress maps and Strategy Page's map of Iraq with unit placement.

U.S. Government Sponsored Sites

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House Committee on National Security
Reports, bills, committee publications, press releases and hearing schedules of the U.S. House of Representatives' National Security Committee.
Senate Committe on Armed Services
Reports, bills and hearing transcripts of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
Foreign Military Studies Office
The U.S. Army's Office of Foreign Military Studies. One of the best National Security sites on the Web.
Center for Contemporary Conflict
The CCC brings together national security and regional studies experts from academia, government, and the military to assess current and emerging security challenges such as international terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and regional conflict. The web site features full-text original analysis of contemporary international security issues, highlighted by its "Strategic Insights" series. The site also features conference reports, M.A. theses by officers and officials completing advanced degrees at the Naval Postgraduate School, and an extensive set of links to related web sites.
NATO Official Home Page
Home page of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
Central Intelligence Agency
The CIA.
National Security Agency
The U.S. specialists in communications and signals intelligence.
Defense Intelligence Agency
Department of Defense intelligence analysis.
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Formerly the Defense Mapping Agency, if they ever privatize, Rand-McNally will go broke.
Center for Studies of Intelligence
Ran by the CIA, the center supports the analysis of the intelligence process; this site releases unclassified studies of intelligence issues.
National Defense University
The military's leading institution of postgraduate education.
Strategic Studies Institute
The primary research institute of the U.S. Army War College.
The U.S. Department of Defense site for the release of public information.
U.S. Army Public Affairs Home Page.
AFCA Home Page
The Air Force Communication Agency's primary public site.
U.S. International Affairs
The State Department's posting of U.S. positions on international matters.
The Warrior Symbology Standardization Program
The DOD's program to standardize military symbols. It contains a database of approved, standardized symbols.
U.S. Army Forces Command.
U.S. Army Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command.
TACCSF Home Page
Theater Air Command and Control Simulation Facility, Detachment 4 of the 505th Command and Control Evaluation Group.
Indiana National Guard
The 38th Infantry Division.
U.S. Navy Sites
Links from the Naval Postgraduate School.
The Department of Homeland Security
The home page for Homeland Security. Related sites are recommending personal preparations and the White House's Homeland Security information site.

Information Warfare

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Information Warfare and INFOSEC
Winn Schwartau's Information Warfare site. Important information for the Information Age.
Information Security
Schwartau's InfoSec arena.
Intelligence Programs and Systems
A useful review by overexcitable FAS.
Cyberwar is Coming
A posting by the RAND authors of this article originally published in The Journal of Comparative Strategy, Volume 12,no. 2, pp. 141-165.
Information Warfare, I-War, IW, C4I, Cyberwar
An extensive links site on information warfare.

Papers and Research

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National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction
The U.S. strategy for nonproliferation of WMD.
Doctrine for Joint Urban Operations
The DOD doctrine for MOUT activities using combined services.
Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future With Nongovernment Experts
Sponsored by the CIA, this is an attempt at long-term trend prediction for primary change vectors.
U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century
Also known as the Hart-Rudman Commission, this is a Blue Ribbon Panel designed to provide research and guidance on national security issues for the future.
Executive Summary of the Commission to Assess The Ballistic Missle Threat to the United States
The unclassifed summary of the Congressionally appointed committee's determination that we are vulnerable to being attacked by ballistic missles with little or no warning.
National Defense Panel
A supposedly independent review body established by Congress which performed with somewhat less than stellar success at its task of reviewing U.S. National Security needs.
Chemical and Biological Defense Information Analysis Center
Highly comprehensive DOD site.
Chemical Structures of Chemical Warfare Agents
Chemical structure diagrams and abstracts of composition for various chemical warfare compounds.
ALLC Main Menu
Canadian Army Lessons Learned Centre postings of after action analyses.
Electronic RAND Documents
Full-text RAND documents available for download. The site contains a mix of national security and domestic issues documents. Some are in HTML format and some are in PDF format.

Think Tanks

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CATO Institute Defense Studies
Defense papers by the CATO Institute.
Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies
Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, this is an informative site on biological weapons.
National Security Website
An information clearinghouse on national security established by the Foreign Policy and Defense Studies Department of the The Heritage Foundation.
RAND, Inc.
The RAND organization is considered one of the leading think-tanks on strategic policy. Their strength and their weakness is that the concentrate on mathematical analysis of social phenonema.
The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Center for International Trade and Security
Strongly focused on the problems of arms proliferation from Russia. Russian fellows of the program provide Russian perspectives of the situation. Sponsored by the University of Georgia.
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
This Center assists Central European nations in developing national security institutions that remain compatible with democratic government.
Council on Foreign Relations
An exclusive club concerned with foreign policy issues.
The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
Part of the University of Calgary's Strategic Studies Program.
Center for Global Security Research
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's research center focused on the effects of the dissemination and use of weapons of mass destruction. The site is in an early stage of construction.

News, Magazines and Links

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Jane's Information Group
The Home Page of the best commercial publisher of military information.
Foreign, Comparative and International Resources
A master links list on international relations put up by the LSU Political Science Department.
University of Colorado Foreign Affairs
Contains dissertation abstracts, syllabi, book reviews, newsletters, etc.
Loyola Home Page on Strategic Intelligence
Extensive links to intelligence related subjects.
The Chemical Weapons Convention Homepage
The U.S. government's site on the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Military Parade:The Magazine of the Russian Military Industrial Complex
Published in Russia on the Russian military. Propaganda? Disinformation? Sales Brochure? Whatever this is, it contains long articles, clear photographs and interviews not likely to be found elsewhere; all contained in a well-designed web site.
Arms Sales Monitor
An anti-military rag that occassionally provides some useful information.


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Business Executives for National Security
Numerous reports and publications from this defense-oriented lobby.
International Relations and Security Network
Extensive variety of defined and evaluated links. Organized by topic, subject, region and current issues.
National Security Industrial Association
A lobbying group for defense contractors.
Naval Intelligence Professionals
Aids oriented towards issues of maritime intelligence.
MINWARA-The Mine Warfare Association
Organized with strong contacts to the Naval Postgraduate School, this organization concerns itself with all aspects of mine warfare issues.


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HSV Technologies
A manufacturer of a nonlethal stun beam weapon.
A memorial and information site on Desert Storm.
Israeli Foreign Ministry
Web outpost of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
National Security Decision Making Game
An informational site on this live action rpg which is only available at particular conventions.
Military City Online Web Outpost
An online site for Army Times, Space News and a Military Locator service.


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