ABA Policy Positions and White Papers

American Bar Association Policy Positions and
White Papers on Homelessness and Poverty

Policy sponsored or cosponsored by the Commission on Homelessness and Poverty, or on relevant topics and adopted by the ABA House of Delegates:


ABA Advocacy


Commission White Papers

No Such Place As "Away:" Why Banishment Is A Wrong Turn on the Path to Better and Safer Cities
(February 2010) 


In the last decades the American Bar Association has taken policy positions on many issues related to homelessness and poverty:

For more information or for a copy of any of the resolutions in the list above, contact Amy Horton- Newell at homeless@americanbar.org.

* Each of these policy positions was approved by the ABA House of Delegates. For a master list of current ABA policy by topic, visit ABA Governmental Affairs Office