Law Materials for Consumers


The Division for Public Education is the author of a major series of books on law as it affects us as we go about our daily business—as consumers, drivers, home buyers, and workers. Published by Random House. Order online with the links below or by calling 1-800-285-2221 or faxing 312-988-5568. The books are also available in bookstores across the country.

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The "Know Your Rights" series is a great resource for ask-a-lawyer programs, practical law programs such as "peoples' law schools," Lunch 'n' Learn programs, and any public outreach. Great-looking brochures are inexpensive and give the public key information about important everyday law topics. Both the English-only and Spanish-English brochures are available for the same low price. Available in packages of 50.

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Spanish-English Brochures
Spanish-English Brochures are similar to English-only brochures, but the series also includes several different topics. Complete text in both languages. Pricing is the same as it is for the English-only brochures: All are available in packages of 50 except for Domestic Violence/La Violencia Doméstica.