What Will You Need? Completing the Online Entry Form

The ABA has designed the online form to facilitate submission of entries for the 2014 Silver Gavel Awards for Media and the Arts. To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Contact information for all “key creative personnel” (up to five)
  • Key entry data (title, release date, audience, length or duration, public access to entry)
  • Entry abstract/summary (3000 character maximum)
  • Supporting information (up to 10 pages optional, one pdf ready for uploading, emailing, or linking to URL)
  • Single files of actual entries, only if being submitted via upload or email
  • URLs to actual entries, only if being submitted as online links
    (up to three allowed, entrants are responsible for hosting their media)
  • Upon submission of your Online Entry Form, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes information on payment options for entry fees. If paying by credit card, have this information available.
  • If you choose to pay entry fees online, you will be redirected to PayPal. You may either pay with an existing PayPal account or click on Don’t Have a PayPal Account? for credit card and new PayPal account options.

We also recommend that you download a pdf of the entry form at www.ambar.org/gavelawards before completing it online in order to review all of the questions and information requested.