Resources for Entrants


The information below is provided to acquaint you with our entry procedures and for to better understand the Silver Gavel Awards process for entry in future years. 

Entry forms must be submitted online.

Depending on the category, actual entry materials may be submitted online or “hard copy” by mail.

  1. Review the 2015 Guidelines for Entry
  2. Complete the Online Entry Form (deadline: January 9, 2015); review “What Will You Need?”
  3. If you wish to submit “Supporting Information” as one PDF file (up to 10 pages or 2 MGs), you may (a) upload, (b) link to a URL directly on the Online Entry Form or (c) email to (deadline: January 9, 2015)
  4. Actual entry materials may be (a) mailed “hard copy” or submitted electronically: (b) uploading, (c) emailing if < 10 MB, or (d) linking to URLs of files hosted online
  5. If submitting actual entries “hard copy” or emailing, reference the assigned entry number and entry title
  6. Upon completing the Online Entry Form, entrants will receive an email acknowledging receipt and providing how-to instructions on Paying Entry Fees (@ $75) by credit card or check (deadline: January 15, 2015)
  7. Program questions: email

Forms and General Information