2010 NOYS Final Projects

2010 NOYS Final Projects

Take a look at what the 2010 NOYS participants have created!

At the end of the National Online Youth Summit, students work as a class or in small groups to demonstrate their learning. The final projects are an invaluable learning tool and provide students with an opportunity to creatively synthesize their learning.

Modern State of the First Amendment
Grand County News
First Amendment Freedoms and Students Today

Advocacy Campaign
Student Rights Project
Freedom Police
1st Amendment on Facebook
First Amendment Infomercial
Students Advocating Speech (SAS)
I Know My Student Rights
The Petition League

Digital Museum Exhibit
Wieland Academy
The First Amendment Gallery
The Five Parts of the Amendment
First Amendment Wall

Model Legislation
Bill to Correct Blogging Responsibilities
Bill to Approve Journalist Rights to Withhold Sources