2011 National Online Youth Summit

2011 NOYS

It's the Law: Guarding the Nation's Health
The government, advocacy organizations, corporations, and we as individuals among others play a role in making important decisions about our health. The 2011 National Online Youth Summit (NOYS) will expose students to a range of health-related topics including key Supreme Court decisions, health care legislation, legal minors and youth privacy, regulatory institutions, food and nutrition, and global health issues.

During the course of the 2011 NOYS, high school students will studied, researched, and analyzed the many players in the health care field. Students:

  • Studied historical context
  • Analyzed key Supreme Court decisions and public policy
  • Engaged in online conversations with experts in the field
  • Gained knowledge of the many players involved in health-related fields
  • Investigated contemporary domestic and global health challenges

At the end of the Summit, students presented interactive final projects, such as public service announcements, advocacy campaigns, and model legislation, to demonstrate learning.

Take a look at last year's NOYS final projects on the First Amendment.