2014 Planning Timeline

Law Day 2014: A Planning Timeline


December 2013 (5 months prior to Law Day)

  • Establish a Law Day Committee and select a chair;
  • Identify and contact your community resources, partners and sponsors;
  • Have a preliminary dialogue on this year’s theme, “American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters,” and settle on the audiences you would like to reach (e.g. students, adults, youth groups, community organizations, etc.);
  • Consider the programs suggested in this guide and the resources available on www.lawday.org.

January/February 2013 (3-4 months before Law Day)

  • Customize and finalize Law Day Plan of Action (be sure to consider goals, objectives, activities, schedule, volunteers, and budget) to support Law Day 2014 theme
  • Draft publicity/ media campaign;Select activities and other materials to be used in classroom/ community presentations;
  • Order Law Day merchandise by February 28 in order to take advantage of a 10% early bird discount;
  • Confirm funding sources to support a Law Day Plan of Action;
  • Coordinate volunteers with specific activities within the Plan of Action;
  • Finalize logistical arrangements for activities and volunteers;
  • Go to www.lawday.org to register your event.   

March 2014 (2-1 months before Law Day)

  • Convene Law Day Planning Group for status reports on Plan of Action;
  • Implement publicity/ media campaign;
  • Order Law Day materials by March 14, 2014, to receive a 5% early bird discount;
  • Finalize funding sources to support Law Day Plan of Action;
  • Finalize volunteers to support individual Law Day activities;
  • Arrange for photographer for the various events and activities;
  • Design and print all materials needed for Law Day activities;
  • Visit www.lawday.org to discover others’ Law Day ideas and to share your own.

Early- to mid-April 2014 (1 month or less before Law Day)

  • Convene Law Day Planning Group for status reports on Plan of Action;
  • Finalize publicity/ media arrangements;
  • Order Law Day Merchandise by April 18 to guarantee delivery by Law Day;
  • Finalize the coordination of volunteers needed for specific programs and activities;
  • Distribute materials to the volunteers for advance preparation of the various presentations and other activities;
  • Assess status of funding;
  • Finalize arrangements for photographer;
  • Print any last-minute materials;
  • Visit www.lawday.org to make any updates to your event listed on the site.       

Late April 2014 (1-2 weeks before the event)

  • Convene Law Day Planning Group for final review of all aspects of the Law Day celebration;
  • Follow up with media contacts.

May 1, 2014 (Law Day)

  • The planning is over, the day is here, enjoy!
  • Don’t forget to let collect any feedback forms (or at least let attendees know how they can give you feedback) in order to make next year’s event even better!

After Law Day

  • Convene the Law Day Planning Group to assess all Law Day activities. File information for access in future years;
  • Perform a final check on the Law Day budget, making sure all expenses are accounted for;
  • Send thank-you letters to all volunteers, sponsors, media, schools, and other participating organizations;
  • Assess any feedback received;
  • Submit entries for the ABA Law Day awards program – Deadline June 13,  2014;
  • Submit photos of your events and activities to the ABA Division for Public Education for use in publicizing Law Day.