ABA Formal Ethics Opinions Archive by Subject

ABA Formal Ethics Opinions Archive by Subject

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  • Lawyers May use Groupon, with Certain Caveats, Formal Opinion 465
  • Lawyer websites require compliance with ethics rules on information about legal services and care as to truthfulness of information given, Formal Opinion 10-457

see Confidentiality
  • Waiver of privilege does not allow disclosure of confidential information outside of judicial proceeding, Formal Opinion 10-456
see also Fees
see also Client perjury
see also Communication with corporate employees
  • Misconduct discovered during in-house ethics consultation must be disclosed to the client if it is related to the representation, Formal Opinion 08-453
  • Fact of In-House ethics consultation need not be communicated to client unless the results require informing the client, Formal Opinion 08-453

see also Disclosure

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of Law

  • Lawyers May Divide Fees with Lawyers in the District of Columbia, Despite rule that allows District of Columbia Lawyers to Divide Legal Fees with Non-Lawyers, Formal Opinion 464

Contact with with Jurors

Contingent fees

see also In-house counsel

Electronic Social Media

see also Division of fees, Arbitration and Mediation

  • Disclosure of confidential information to prosecutor defending against claim not permissible, Formal Opinion 10-456
see also Corporate counsel



  • Criminal defense lawyer defending an ineffective assistance of counsel claim may not voluntarily disclose confidential information without court order, Formal Opinion 10-457
  • Duty of confidentiality, Formal Opinion 90-358