Guidelines for the 2010-2011 Awards

Gambrell Professionalism Awards

Guidelines for the 2010-2011 Awards

The American Bar Association, through the Standing Committee on Professionalism and the Center for Professional Responsibility, is pleased to announce its 21st annual award competition for projects aimed at enhancing professionalism among lawyers.

Up to three awards, in the amount of $3500.00 each will be presented. The funds for these awards are available through the E. Smythe Gambrell Fund for Professionalism. The E. Smythe Gambrell Justice Fund was established by the ABA Board of Governors in 1984, and in April 1990 was dedicated to support programs in professionalism as the E. Smythe Gambrell Fund for Professionalism.

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1. Eligibility

Law schools, state and local bar associations, law firms and not-for-profit law related organizations are eligible for the awards. Programs submitted for consideration must be ongoing for at least one year prior to the entry deadline. Past Gambrell Award winning projects are ineligible.

All entries must include the following items:

1. Project Description: Please provide a one page executive summary of your project, and a detailed description of the project, including plans for continuing operation, which may not exceed the equivalent of 50 typewritten pages including exhibits. (Please specify the nature and use of any materials submitted as exhibits accompanying this application)

2. Assessment of Project:

a. State the specific goals/objectives of the project and how it sought to enhance the professionalism of lawyers and/or law students?

b. State how the success of the project is being measured/evaluated?

c. State how the goals are being met and how they are improving the professionalism of lawyers and/or law students?

d. Provide evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the project? (include any relevant documentation such as newspaper articles and letters of recommendation)

3. Project Continuation: To Do Kit--Outline how the project can be duplicated and implemented by others. Include suggestions or recommendations for improvement or simplification that you would offer to others who might undertake a project similar to this one?

2. Judging Criteria

The entries will be reviewed under the direction of the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism. Factors that will be considered in the determination of the winners will be any distinguishing and/or particularly meritorious features of the program, such as

a) Overall quality of the program

b) Ease with which other interested groups throughout the country can replicate the program

c) Established history of the program

d) Likelihood of continuation of the program

e) The extent of the program's reach to all experience levels of law students and/or lawyers.

f) Proactive nature of the program

g) Success and effectiveness of the program

3. Reporting Requirement

Each year all Gambrell Award winning project are required to update their project descriptions and brief summaries. Any additional program components or other significant changes should be reported on an ad hoc basis. Reporting forms will be sent to each program.

4. Application Procedures

a). Applications must be submitted in one hard copy original and electronically by email of a completed Project Information Form, including attachments. (In the case of videotapes or books, only one original need be included.) Email applications are encouraged. Faxed applications will NOT be accepted.

b). All award entries MUST be received on or before March 31, 2011. All entries should be addressed to:

E. Smythe Gambrell Professionalism Awards

American Bar Association
Center for Professional Responsibility
321 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654



c). All entries, including exhibits, become the property of the American Bar Association and will not be returned. The ABA has the right to distribute or post on its Web site copies of the applications.

d). The awards will be presented at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting, August 2011, in Toronto, Ontario Canada..

Questions regarding the awards should be directed to Dennis Rendleman (312) 988-5307, e-mail:, or at the above address.