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  Find a Pro Bono Opportunity

Do you want to volunteer to provide pro bono legal assistance? No matter your practice or practice setting, there are opportunities for you. Through the resources linked below, you will find the program, the case, the issue, the client and the location best suited for your needs and interests.


No matter where you live or work, there is a pro bono program that will be of interest to you and that needs your help. Visit The National Pro Bono Volunteer Opportunities Guide.


  • The ABA’s Immigrant Child Advocacy Network (ICAN) connects pro bono attorneys with the tens of thousands of unaccompanied immigrant minor children in America who are scheduled for legal proceedings and have no right to appointed counsel or other adult representing the child’s interests.  Without legal help, these children are unsuccessful in pressing their rights in over 90% of cases; with the help of a lawyer, these children prevail most of the time. 
  • People, businesses and organizations affected by hurricanes and other disasters need legal assistance. You can help by volunteering here: Disaster Legal Aid
  • The Military Pro Bono Project, unlike several legal service programs that have surfaced to assist veterans, is uniquely focused on provision of pro bono services to active-duty service members, many of whom remain deployed to areas of conflict.
  • Do you want to help the children in your community who need legal representation? Go to the  Directory of Programs Serving Children.
  • Do you want to help victims of domestic violence in your community who need legal representation? The ABA Commission on Domestic Violence has set up The National Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory


  • Are you at a point in your career that affords you the time to do pro bono work in another country, or can you assist international programs from your home community? If so, learn more about international pro bono programs here at ABA International Activities and Programs or volunteer for International Pro Bono.
  • One may also engage with the International Legal Resource Center (ILRC) of the American Bar Association and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).




Pro bono work has long been supported and encouraged by the ABA, and the association's Board of Governors approved a plan it hopes will further encourage lawyers to contribute to their community by making retired and inactive members who have provided 500 hours of pro bono service in the prior year eligible for a waiver of their ABA membership dues the following year.

Upon request, an ABA member who is no longer in the active practice of law who completes 500 hours of pro bono legal service within a calendar year may receive a dues waiver with appropriate documentation. The definition of pro bono legal services work is set forth in Model Rule 6.1. The applicant must show proof that at least 250 of the 500 hours of pro bono work involved direct representation of persons of limited means or organizations that provide services to those individuals, service on boards of organizations serving the poor, or serving as non-compensated legal staff for such organizations. To participate in this program, contact the ABA Service Center at 1-800-285-2221 or Service@abanet.org.

For more information on pro bono opportunities, you may email Center staff at abaprobono@americanbar.org .