Alternative Delivery Information

Alternative Delivery Information

The information on this page is not current.  We are in the process of updating this information.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

About the Project

During the last Association year, the Standing Committee and Approval Commission worked together on a project called the Joint Task Force on Alternative Delivery. The Task Force consisted of two members each from the Standing Committee and Approval Commission, one of our two Education Consultants and the Chair of each entity. The focus of the Task Force was to develop helpful information for program directors concerning G-302.J.2.b. Each subsection of the Guideline was researched with a view toward providing you with examples of criteria that you should consider when developing your courses offered through online delivery. The Task Force also wanted to include all information concerning alternative delivery in a single section of the website. We know some of this information is duplicated elsewhere but believe it will be simpler for you if bundled together.

Updated: 02/24/2015