JIOP Testimonials

“The JIOP is a well-organized, intellectually demanding program which is highly beneficial to the education of these law students and beneficial to our own work as well.”
—San Francisco Participating Judges, 2014
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“I recommend JIOP to any law student who wants to gain valuable courtroom exposure and the opportunity to develop a lasting mentor-mentee relationship with a highly respected judge.”
—Fernando Anzaldua,  2011

“I came to rely on the network I developed in JIOP to help me find employment both during and after law school.”
—William H. Knight, 2011

 “I learned how to interact with judges and all members of the judicial staff and developed professional relationships that I still value today.”
—Kwan Piensook, 2011
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 “JIOP was a turning point for me in my law school career because it provided me the validation I needed that the legal field was the right career choice despite my disability and what I went through at law school.”
—Jocelyn Neudauer, 2010

“My ability to practice in the area of my passion [immigration law] is what makes me appreciate JIOP—it creates opportunities for law students to discover their passion and purpose.”
—Erika Glenn, 2009

“I have greater admiration for judges and attorneys that use their legal training and experience to pursue their passion for the betterment of society.”
Brandon Loggins, 2008

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