Judicial Intern Opportunity Program Articles

Tips & Tricks for Snagging an Internship Early

By Erika Glenn

The early bird gets the worm.

Demonstrating your Value

By C. Matt Alva

Is there a "right" way to ask for a raise?

JIOP Etiquette

By Ida Wahlquist-Ortiz

Good manners go a long way.

Things I Wish I Would’ve Known as a 1L

By Erika Glenn

Tips to help your survive your first year of law school and carry you through the remaining years.

How to Craft a Compelling Statement of Interest

By C. Matt Alva

Tips for telling your story effectively.

The Legal Fallout of Ferguson

By James D. Macri

A look at the repercussions of the Michael Brown shooting.

Balancing Work and School

By Matt Alva

Working law students face many challenges. Maximize your time and efficiency with tips from someone who’s been there.

JIOP as a Springboard to a Career in Litigation

By Roberto Martell Jr.

The author looks back at how JIOP formed the path to his current career.

Things I Wish I Would’ve Known as a 1L

By Erika L. Glenn

Tips to help your survive your first year of law school and carry you through the remaining years.

Ask the Section: How Can I Recover from a Negative Evaluation or Capitalize on a Positive Review?

Compiled by William H. Knight

In either scenario, persistence and confidence are key for coming out on top after a review.

Prepping for the Bar Exam on a Time Crunch

By Cheryl Blount 

While not ideal, preparing for the bar exam on a shortened time frame is doable. An alum who’s "been there, done that" shares her advice. 

Success Stories Spotlight: Joseph "Joe" Hanna

By Cindy Tsai

Less than 10 years out of law school, the summer 2004 alum’s career trajectory is marked by slam dunks, including building a sports and entertainment practice from scratch, developing a reputation as an expert author and panelist, and launching his own nonprofit. Get to know Joe and be inspired! 

Envision Your First Job

By C. Matt Alva

A successful hunt will require vision, excellence in the classroom, and a strong network. 

The Bar Exam: The Big Bad Wolf

By Rachel E. Kelly and Bridgette L. Williams

Whether you are a first-time bar taker, a repeat taker, or an out-of-state taker, we offer firsthand advice for taming the bar monster.

Conquering Multiple Bar Exams

Interview by Erika Glenn

Attorney Gabe Ozel shares his tips for successfully tackling three bars.

Alum Shares SAC 2014 Highlights

By Marcos A. Tapia

A personal account of a first-time attendee’s experience at the ABA Section Annual Conference —and why you should consider joining in on the fun next year! 

Ask the Section: What Is the One Practice Tip You’ve Learned in Your Career that You Wish You Would Have Known in Your First Couple of Years Practicing Law?

Compiled by William H. Knight

We go "in-house" and ask our very own JIOP leaders to share the one lesson they wish they had learned early on.

Aha! Moment: Surviving the First Year

By C. Matt Alva

Candid advice for navigating your first job out of law school.

Ten Interviewing Tips for IP Applicants

By Kristopher R. Davis

We unveil trade secrets for successfully landing these coveted internships.

Ask the Section: How Do I Develop a Client Base and Proficiency in a Practice Area that Is Not Represented in My Firm?

Compiled by William H. Knight

Two Section leaders weigh in on how a young associate can grow his or her practice area from scratch.

Tips for Acing Your Interview

By Erika Glenn and Cindy Tsai

Everything you need to know to conquer the stress-inducing rite of passage: the dreaded interview!