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2008 ABA Annual Meeting (New York, NY)


The documents below are written materials from the 2008 ABA Annual Meeting. All files are available in PDF format unless otherwise noted. ( PDF)

Leadership: The Next Frontier

The All New 2008 Litigation Quiz Show

Avoiding the First Date Jitters: Tips for Your First Meeting with Your Expert

International Discovery: Around the World in Ninety Minutes

Keep Elevating Your Game: Lawyers of Color Harnessing Power

The ICC: Should the United States Finally Join or Just Say No?

In-House Chief Litigation Counsel – What Keeps Them Up At Night?

A New Frontier in Privacy Litigation: The Advent of Private Lawsuits Over Data Security Breaches

Judicial Criticism: Judges under Fire

Don Giovanni, the Class Action

Darth Vader V. Clarence Darrow: Choosing High Tech or Low Tech to Reach Your Jury

A Partner is a Partner is a Partner

The Roberts Court – The Terrible Twos or Childhood Bliss?

The American Press in Times of War: From the Pentagon Papers to Iraq

The Fourteenth Amendment on Trial

Harnessing the Winds of Change to Bring Balance and Meaning to the Workplace

What Do You Mean I Can’t Spy On The Board? Strategies for Conducting Effective (And Legal) Internal Investigations

The Challenges of Working with Children as Interviewees and Witnesses

The Restructuring of America

Texts, Bytes & Video Clips: Discovery & Trial In The Electronic Information Age

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