ABA Section of Litigation Appointments 2014-2015

ABA Section of Litigation Appointments 2014–2015

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Nancy Scott Degan

Nancy Scott Degan 
Section Chair–Elect
Baker, Donelson Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
201 St. Charles Avenue
Suite 3600
New Orleans, LA 70170

Dear Section Member:

As Chair-Elect, it is my privilege to appoint highly qualified and diverse individuals to join the Section’s leadership team in 2014–15. Please review the instructions and the application form for a leadership position. This form can also be used to nominate another Section member for a leadership position. To identify one or more positions that may be of interest to you or your nominee, you can review the Section's organizational chart

Committee Chair Positions
As in past years, we expect the number of applicants to exceed the number of positions available. We must choose among many highly qualified individuals and balance numerous factors when making appointments, including applicants’ substantive background, as well as geographic and demographic diversity. If you do not receive an appointment this year as chair of a committee, I hope you will understand the constraints we are working under and consider reapplying in the future.

Other Leadership Positions
There are also leadership opportunities within many of the Section’s entities. These include vice chair and subcommittee chair positions and web and newsletter editors. If you or your nominee have an interest in a particular committee and one of these positions then please note that in the appropriate box on the application form, and we will forward your name or the name of your nominee to the committee’s leadership so that they can contact you to become involved.

New Requirement
This year, as a condition to receiving an appointment, applicants must express their commitment to present at least one 1-hour program at a law school. This law school initiative is a membership recruitment effort.  Appointed leaders will be given step-by-step instructions and materials to assist them with their presentation, which may be a panel discussion or similar program on topics such as tips on landing a job or how to be a superstar associate. The entire process from planning the program through completing it should not take more than five hours, and law schools will be determined largely by leader choice and geographic convenience. The attached application includes a request that you confirm your commitment to conduct such a program.

All Section members are eligible for a leadership appointment. The online process is open, and the deadline for the submission of all applications is February 21, 2014. If you have problems completing the online application, please contact Kieshia Cobb at Kieshia.Cobb@americanbar.org.

Thank you for your participation in this process and for your dedication to the ABA Section of Litigation.

Nancy Scott Degan
Chair-Elect Section of Litigation