Standards Review Committee

Final Revisions to the ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools

At its meeting in March 2014, the Council approved the vast majority of the revisions that had been circulated for Notice and Comment. In addition, the Council approved several additional matters for Notice and Comment. After reviewing the comments received on the matters circulated for comment in March 2014, the Council made final determinations on the recommendations at its meeting on June 6, 2014.

The complete set of revisions is scheduled to be reviewed by the ABA House of Delegates in August 2014 in accordance with House Rule 45.9. The House may either concur with the Council’s decisions or refer a proposed change back to the Council for further consideration. Any reference back to the Council must include a statement setting forth the reasons for the referral. A decision by the Council is subject to a maximum of two referrals back to the Council by the House. The decision by the Council following the second referral is final.

Revised Standards - Redline
Revised Standards - Clean copy
Explanation of Changes
Revised Rules of Procedure

The Standards and Rules will become effective immediately upon concurrence by the House of Delegates in August. Although the Standards will be effective in August, there will be a phase-in period for some Standards and a delay in implementation. A timeline and more detailed information about the implementation of the revised Standards and Rules of Procedure will be available this fall.

Standards Review Committee

This committee is charged with reviewing proposed changes in or additions to Standards, Interpretations, Rules, Policies, Procedures, and Criteria. Proposed changes are referred to the committee by the Council for its review and recommendations.

Comprehensive Review of the Standards

In September 2008, the Council of the Section of the Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar began a comprehensive review of the ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for the Approval of Law Schools. The Council will rely on the work of its Standards Review Committee to complete this project, which we expect to take at least the next two academic years. We welcome and encourage comments, observations or suggestions about the efficacy and appropriateness of any of the Standards or Rules, or suggestions for new Standards or Rules. Comments can be sent to JR Clark.

If you are interested in attending a meeting of the Standards Review Committee, please contact JR Clark for additional information.