LAMP CLE Materials

2016 LAMP CLE Materials

October 27, 2016
Military Legal Assistance Issues
Club, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado

7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT

Session 1

Bankruptcy 101 for Legal Assistance

Capt Helen Rickey, Legal Assistance Attorney, Peterson AFB, CO



Session 2

Service Regulations Concerning Family Support, Child Custody, and Paternity

Ms. Bonnie Dunlop, Legal Assistance Attorney, Fort Carson, CO

Capt Chelsea Beshore, Legal Assistance Attorney, Peterson AFB, CO

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Session 3

Common Scams and Frauds Targeting Servicemembers

Jay Simonson, Colorado Attorney General’s Office, Denver, CO



Session 4

Enforcing Consumer Protections for Servicemembers

Angela Martin, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Washington, DC

Carole Reynolds, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, DC

Ehren Reynolds, Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Branch, Washington, DC

Elizabeth Singer, Department of Justice, Housing & Civil Enforcement Section, Washington, DC

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Session 4

ABA Programs and Resources for Military Families

Jason T. Vail, Chief Counsel, ABA LAMP Committee, Chicago, IL

Mary C. Meixner, Director, ABA Military Pro Bono Project, Chicago, IL



Session 5

Legal Ethics and Technology

Col Linell A. Letendre, Permanent Professor and Head, Department of Law, United States Air Force Academy, CO

Maj Tim Goines, United States Air Force Academy, CO