Technical Assistance

Procedure for Requesting Indigent Defense Technical Assistance

The Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants (SCLAID) offers technical assistance to courts, bar associations, study commissions, and other entities seeking to improve indigent defense systems. SCLAID provides this assistance through various national experts in the field of indigent defense, who provide these services through consulting arrangements with SCLAID.

SCLAID may not be able to fully fund the assistance necessary in each situation. The requesting entity may provide supplemental funding from other sources to complete or expand a project.

Requests for assistance are evaluated and approved by SCLAID's Indigent Defense Advisory Group; this group also provides oversight throughout the duration of the project.

Funds for Technical Assistance have been exhausted for 2013.
Please check back periodically for updated information.

For additional information please contact:

Geoffrey Burkhart
Project Director
Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants
American Bar Association
321 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654-7598
Phone: 312-988-5102
Fax: 312-932-6425