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Task Forces of the Future


New York State Bar Association
Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession

The rapid pace of change in the legal profession, accelerated in part by the recent
national economic downturn, prompted New York State Bar Association President Stephen Younger to form a task force to examine issues concerning the future of the profession. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Linda L. Addison and T. Andrew Brown, the Task Force on the Future of the Legal Profession ("Task Force") was asked to address the following:

  1. developments in the economics, structure, and billing practices of private law firms;
  2. changes in the model for educating and training new lawyers;
  3. the pressures on lawyers seeking to find balance between their professional and personal lives; and
  4. the implications of technology on the practice of law.


North Carolina Bar Association
Justice Task Force

In 1994, then Chief Justice James Exum appointed a bipartisan twenty-seven member panel of business, legal and community leaders and charged it with developing specific recommendations for improvement of the justice system. According to Futures Commission Vice Chair Rhoda Billings, the Commission was to create a model for the court system of the future, and not to focus on adapting the existing system. On December 5, 1996, after over two years of work, the Commission for the Future of Justice and the Courts in North Carolina ("Futures Commission") presented its final Report to the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, and on the following day to the entire North Carolina Judicial Conference.

The Task Force began to address the Futures Commission Report in December, 1996 with the first of a series of five day long meetings to develop conclusions and recommendations to the Board of Governors.


Communicating Between Bench, Bar and Among Professionals

Oakland County Bar Association
Ombudsman Program

The Oakland County Bar Association (MI) positions itself as a safe harbor for its members. This multi-faceted approach includes a newly launched ombudsman program to facilitate communications between members of the bench and the bar along with an innovative mentor-match program that facilitates the delivery of pro bono services.

Indianapolis Bar Association
Indy Attorneys Network

The Indianapolis Bar Association has created the Indy Attorneys Network. This bar association dues supported section is devoted to facilitating interaction among attorneys across practice areas while making networking less daunting and more accessible.