The goals of the Office of Diversity Initiatives are to increase minority participation in the legal profession by encouraging members of racial/ethnic minority groups to consider law as a career and to provide increased opportunities for minorities already in the profession. Despite improvement during the 1990s in the number of law students and lawyers of color, there is much work left to be done. At the current time, the legal profession is more than 90% white while the general population is about 70% white. This disparity between the legal profession and the general population is increasing. In the next 50 years the general population is projected to be about 50% people of color but enrollment in American law schools is less than 20% students of color. These trends suggest that the proportion of minorities in the legal profession is not likely to attain parity with that in the general population in the foreseeable future.

Questions or request for information regarding programs and projects should be directed to Cie Armstead, Director of Diversity Initiatives, Office of the President, 312/988-6086.

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